How it works
Record meetings
Invite our bot to your Zoom meeting.
Get a live transcript and bookmark important moments in the meeting with one click.
Create clips
Access the recording and transcript in the app. Highlight text to create clips.
Share everywhere
Push clips to your work apps like Slack, Notion, Asana, and more.

“My team spends hours on Zoom doing customer calls and Perfect Recall is a game changer for knowledge sharing.”

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Marc Höffl | Co-founder @ Laserfocus

Bring the voice of the customer to your existing tools

Perfect Recall keeps the customer top-of-mind for everyone on your team. Engineers, designers, project managers, and peers - all aligned around the voice of the customer.

Send clips to your Slack #product channels

Share recent insights and customer quotes with the whole team.

Embed clips in your team knowledge base

Store the most potent quotes in your knowledge base to keep the customer at the core of the product.

Embed clips in bug reports and product specs

When a customer runs into an issue on call, it's often easier to show what happened rather than describing it.

Send call recordings & clips to your CRM

Store clips of next steps, objections, and other notable moments from prospect calls in your CRM.

Reference clips in your whiteboarding tools

Where's a better place to use customer clips than brainstorming sessions? Back up ideas with direct quotes from your customers.
Share the insights your team needs to know.
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