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Perfect Recall: The call recorder that does more
Share key moments from Zoom calls with your team as video clips, not just the transcript.
Bryan Bennett
Asana consultant @
27 sec
Madison Sand
Engagement Manager @ Learnexus
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Caelan Huntress
Speaker/Coach @ Stellar Platforms
36 sec
Rachel Lentner
Account strategist @ Break The Web
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Daniel Doyon
Co-founder @ Readwise
19 sec
Made for sharing knowledge, not accumulating transcripts
Perfect Recall offers everything Fireflies has and more. Our features make capturing and sharing knowledge effortless. Fireflies results in endless transcripts you don’t look back at.
Zoom transcription
Video recording
Time-stamped notes
Video highlight clips
Highlight reels
Live transcription
In-meeting notepad
Zapier integrations & API
Venessa chose Perfect Recall over Fireflies.
Fireflies doesn’t do video, and their pricing vs capacity is different - Perfect Recall is more cost effective. Fireflies also claimed to have certain features but after sign up, they didn't work as expected. Not great support communication etc. I liked the idea of the clips with Perfect Recall, which Fireflies doesn’t have.
Venessa West
Business Consultant @ Shape Your Biz
Automated notetaking so you can focus on the customer
Your focus should be on your customer - not on notetaking.
That's how you extract valuable insights. Perfect Recall automatically records and transcribes your calls so you can focus on the conversation.
All calls automatically recorded and transcribed (never download a file)
Bookmark important moments so you can jump to that section after the call
Automate the menial tasks, like remembering to record
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Easily create video clips from customer calls
Customer feedback is only valuable if you can get your team to care. Written notes are glossed over. But videos of real customers are incredibly engaging.
That’s how you instantly get your team to care so they deliver better results, faster.
Create bite-size video clips from your customer calls in seconds
Make engaging compilations of the best customer quotes
Share to apps like Slack, Notion, Miro and more
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Deliver call recordings as stunning highlight reels
You need to stand out from the crowd whether you're a consultant, product manager or account executive.
Perfect Recall lets you repurpose your call recordings into stunning highlight reels. So you can create testimonial compilations, make sales demo summaries, training materials and more.
Create reels in seconds
100x more professional than a Google Drive video link
Secure and private workspace
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Push action items from calls directly into your work apps
Stop manually summarizing meeting tasks. There’s a faster, more effective way to share information from calls.
With Perfect Recall, embed meeting clips in your project management software - so your team has full context on tasks.
Embed in Asana, Clickup, Monday, and more
Use for internal meetings and external
Let your team skip the live meeting - let them review the highlights instead
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1000+ customers picked Perfect Recall over Fireflies
Melissa Du
Co-founder @ Cadence
I always had a hard time capturing key moments in my user interviews, and Perfect Recall solved that problem for me perfectly :) Love the app and this team!
Daniel Doyon
Co-founder @ Readwise
19 sec
Jesse Zhang
Co-founder @ Beacons
Love how Perfect Recall streamlined my Zoom calls. Transcribing the call + easily snipping clips/product feedback by just highlighting the text is a gamechanger. It makes sharing feedback/insights super easy
Nathan Lippi
Head of User Research @ PandaDoc
Perfect Recall has made the granular sharing of Zoom clips much easier for our UX Research team.

Unlike previous tools we tried, it just works. If you value your time, check it out.
David Shi
Co-founder @ Operator
26 sec
Share the insights your team needs to know.
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