Share the voice of the customer - so your team builds the right product

Perfect Recall lets you effortlessly share clips from your calls simply by highlighting the transcript text.

Loved by product led teams

Teams who deeply understand their customers make better products

Meet Perfect Recall.

Without Perfect Recall

This is a filtered and biased version of your customer.

With Perfect Recall

This is actually your customer.

“It's from direct exposure to users that we see improvements in the design.”

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Jared Spool | Founder @ User Interface Engineering | UX thought leader
Share call clips your team will actually watch
Your customer research is only valuable if you can get your team to pay attention. Written notes are glossed over. But videos of real customers are incredibly engaging.
That’s how you instantly get your team to care so they deliver better results, faster.
Create bite-size video clips from your customer calls in seconds
Make engaging compilations of the best customer quotes
Share to apps like Slack, Notion, Miro and more
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Stitch clips together to create powerful Stories
When product syncs are based on opinions, you're navigating blind. You need data to build the right product.
Perfect Recall lets you create video narratives from multiple customer calls. So everyone on your team can easily stay close to the customer.
Easily create polished Stories without video editing software
Compile and share a cluster of customer quotes
Embed Stories in product specs, reference them in weekly debriefs and more
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Turn customer calls into a searchable resource
Everyone on your team has a different, flawed understanding of what users need - but no real data. Product quality goes down.
Perfect Recall transcribes your Zoom calls so anyone can search customer calls in seconds and stay in the loop.
That's how you build team knowledge.
All calls automatically recorded and transcribed (never download a file)
Secure, private storage
A hub for anyone on your team to stay close to the customer
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“My team spends hours on Zoom doing customer calls and Perfect Recall is a game changer for knowledge sharing.”

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Marc Höffl | Co-founder @ Laserfocus

Bring the voice of the customer to your existing tools

Perfect Recall keeps the customer top-of-mind for everyone on your team. Engineers, designers, project managers, and peers - all aligned around the voice of the customer.

Send clips to your Slack #product channels

Share recent insights and customer quotes with the whole team.

Embed clips in your team knowledge base

Store the most potent quotes in your knowledge base to keep the customer at the core of the product.

Embed clips in bug reports and product specs

When a customer runs into an issue on call, it's often easier to show what happened rather than describing it.

Send call recordings & clips to your CRM

Store clips of next steps, objections, and other notable moments from prospect calls in your CRM.

Reference clips in your whiteboarding tools

Where's a better place to use customer clips than brainstorming sessions? Back up ideas with direct quotes from your customers.
1000+ customers use Perfect Recall to stay user-focused
Melissa Du
Co-founder @ Cadence
I always had a hard time capturing key moments in my user interviews, and Perfect Recall solved that problem for me perfectly :) Love the app and this team!
Daniel Doyon
Co-founder @ Readwise
19 sec
Jesse Zhang
Co-founder @ Beacons
Love how Perfect Recall streamlined my Zoom calls. Transcribing the call + easily snipping clips/product feedback by just highlighting the text is a gamechanger. It makes sharing feedback/insights super easy
Nathan Lippi
Head of User Research @ PandaDoc
Perfect Recall has made the granular sharing of Zoom clips much easier for our UX Research team.

Unlike previous tools we tried, it just works. If you value your time, check it out.
David Shi
Co-founder @ Operator
26 sec
Share the insights your team needs to know.
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