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User Interview
Transcribe and share video clips from your Zoom calls.
“Once you get those emotional experiences of being on a customer call, people get invested real fast."
Nathan Lippi, Head of User Research
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Empowering teams that communicate.
Seeing is believing.
Seeing users saying things themselves is much more powerful.

What if you could bring others along in your journey instead of sending written notes? Perfect Recall lets you send a clip from your Zoom call in seconds.

No rewatching your calls, no editing software needed. All calls recorded and transcribed for you.
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How it works.
Take time stamped notes.
Taking notes during calls sucks.
Perfect Recall records and transcribes everything while letting you take-time stamped notes, so you can focus on having better conversations.
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Make clips by highlighting text.
View your time-stamped notes with the recording in context.
Highlight transcription text to create a video clip. Relive a call in a few moments.
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Share the strongest quotes.
Share and play clips right within Slack, Notion, Coda, Google Slides, and more.
Nothing is as powerful as a video from the users themselves.
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Made for customer facing teams...
...Like these.
“Seeing is believing. When a PM or engineer sees a real customer using our application and running into bugs or confusing issues, that really resonates.”
Nathan Lippi
Head of User Research
“Perfect Recall is a no-brainer. When you're doing a meeting you should be focused on communicating with the people that you're meeting with.”
David Shi
CEO at Trimwire
“They gave me such good stuff that I didn't want to interrupt. So using the note taker I made notes of like, let's take this quote and put it on our website or use this part for a case study.”
Steven Fitzsimmons
Co-founder of Freshpaint
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